Is temporary fencing right for your project?

Purchasing and storing fencing for construction sites and events can be costly and requires a lot of transport and storage logistics. For many construction companies and event managers, the project won’t have a line item in the budget for purchasing new fencing outright. And the time, expense, and manpower needed to install permanent fencing is almost never practical. That’s why so many companies turn to temporary fencing solutions.

Benefits of temporary fencing

Businesses and government organizations use temporary fencing as a reliable and cost-effective means for creating a short-term secured area. Whether you’re securing equipment and supplies, or you need crowd control measures, temporary fencing provides an easy solution. Many project managers rent temporary fencing for:

  • Long- and short-term construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Outdoor music and sporting events
  • Municipal events like fireworks displays and city celebrations
  • School events
  • Conventions
  • Weddings
  • Outdoor markets
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Work zones

Types of temporary fencing

There are many kinds of temporary fencing to choose from, including chain-link fencing and free-standing fence panels. Chain-link fencing can be locked and provides a longer-term solution for construction projects. Temporary fencing also has a wide variety of accessories, including privacy screens, and vehicle access gates. To improve stability, wind braces and sandbags are available to keep fencing in place. Reflective delineators can be added to improve safety.

If you’re unsure whether to purchase and store fencing or rent a portable fence, here are five questions to consider when making your decision.

What’s your budget?

If you have the money available in your budget, and you have the ability to store and transport fencing from site to site, then buying your own temporary fencing may be a wise investment. These fences can be broken down, put in storage, and taken to the next project whenever needed. In most cases, budgets are tight and the added expense of not only buying temporary fencing, but also storing and transporting it, adds to the bottom line. In order to see an overall profit in the company, managers have to watch potential ongoing costs like storage and replacement fees when you own your own temporary fencing. Renting it instead may help keep your company in the black.

How much fencing do you require?

If your event only requires a few panels, and you know you’ll reuse it and you have a place to store it inexpensively, you may be able to purchase temporary fencing without breaking the budget. However, if you need thousands of feet of fencing, renting is probably your best option. Evaluate your site and consider what areas need to be secured. Equipment, open work areas, private sections, and mobile offices should be included in the protected regions with temporary fencing. It’s often not economically feasible to buy, store, and transport that much fencing on your own. Temporary rentals are the way to go.

How long will you need the fencing?

For events or construction projects that last six months or fewer, renting temporary fencing will likely save money. If the project is going to last longer than that, you may or may not save money by purchasing temporary fencing outright. However, you’ll be responsible for removing all the fencing when the project is finished. You’ll also have to figure out what to do with it when you no longer need it. For your specific project, compare the cost of renting temporary fencing vs. buying a fence to make the best decision.

Will you need to use it again?

Temporary fences are made of high-quality materials and are built to last. You could purchase temporary fencing if you know you’ll need it regularly. On the other hand, temporary fences can be setup, delivered, broken down, and picked up by a professional fencing company quickly and easily. If you have a standing event, you can schedule regular deliveries and pickups in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it every time. For one-off events like an event or a short-term construction or demolition project, renting temporary fencing obviously makes the most sense, and you can order all kinds of fencing in advance.

What about quality?

Do some research. You may see cheap fencing prices on the internet but remember the old adage: buyer beware. Cheap temporary fencing may not be very high quality, especially when it comes to plastic fencing. Flimsy, poorly constructed panels can lead to ineffective fencing. Worst-case scenario, it could blow away! To prevent this, rent from a reputable company that will ensure you get the quality fencing you need. When you order, ask the representative what types of fencing products they deliver. Ask them if they recommend accessories like sandbags for the type of fencing you’re ordering. And if something happens with the fencing after it’s delivered, find out the company’s policy on damage and replacement. If something goes wrong, make sure they’re willing to have a new fence delivered as soon as possible.

Temporary fencing from ZTERS

ZTERS is your partner in construction and outdoor events. In addition to quality temporary fencing rentals, we also provide commercial dumpsters, portable toilets, and storage container rentals. Give us a call to speak with one of our account managers about all the ways we can make your project easier.

Five reasons your construction project needs a storage container

Where do you find storage space for all the supplies, equipment and tools required for your project? If you’re like many construction companies, you probably rent space at a storage facility, ask subcontractors to store things (and hope you see everything again), or build a temporary shed and cross your fingers no one cuts the lock. Each of these solutions comes with a set of dangers that will cost you time and money should you have to replace anything.

There is another option, though. It’s an option most large projects already use, and one that any construction project would benefit from exploring. Onsite storage container rentals.

Here are five reasons why even small and mid-sized construction companies can benefit from renting onsite storage containers for their construction projects:

Storage almost anywhere

Very few locations are off limits for today’s shipping and storage containers. They’re specifically designed to be transported on a standard flatbed trailer truck, so they can be shipped just about anywhere you need them, from a downtown construction site to a country home renovation. No oversize or overweight permits are needed. And once they’re filled, they can be picked up and delivered to any destination you choose. Same-day pick up service is also available.

Containers are cost effective

When you require extra storage space, renting an off-site unit in a storage facility may end up costing you more money than renting an on-site storage container. When you compare the two, you’ll see that in most cases it costs less per square foot to rent an on-site storage container. In addition, storage containers can be delivered to your site. Being able to store all your important documents, supplies, tools, and equipment on site can save significant money in transport costs. You also save travel time because everything stays on-site.

Inventory stays secure

Weather and vandalism are two major concerns for construction companies. Most of the items lost due to storm damage or theft are covered by insurance, but it takes time to replace them. That can be a serious problem if you have a tight deadline. Storage containers help prevent this costly loss. They’re built to last, which keeps your equipment and materials as secure as an offsite storage unit. They’re water resistant, pest resistant and able to withstand strong winds. And their windowless metal exteriors and double lock doors serve as a deterrent against theft.

No assembly required

The time and cost of building an onsite storage shed or similar structure quickly adds up. You can’t begin to store materials on site until the structure is complete, which could take days or weeks. This adds time to your project, and it may take resources away from the project itself. These structures are also often made of wood and more susceptible to damage from vandalism and weather. In some cases, the damage from a storm or vandalism may be so extensive you’ll have to build an entirely new shed. None of these problems occur with storage containers. There are no construction costs. The container is delivered to your site ready for immediate use.

On-site solutions

Documents, supplies, equipment, and unused inventory can all be securely stored inside a storage container. Unlike some offsite storage units, there are no restrictions to what you can keep inside or when you can access them. Because the contents are always available, you have access any time you need it. In addition, the storage unit can be used in more than one location. After you wrap up one job, you can simply move the container and all its contents to a new site.

ZTERS provides effective construction site solutions

ZTERS provides portable and secure storage container rentals, along with a wide range of other construction site solutions, including portable office trailers, temporary fencing and portable toilets. Contact ZTERS today to learn how we can coordinate rental equipment for your project.

Waste Management for Contractors: Avoiding the Transfer Station

As working contractors, we know that your time is valuable. That’s why ZTERS offers a variety of convenient products and services to help your job site run smoothly and effectively. A complete waste management plan shaves off enormous planning time and trips to the transfer station.

When you hire ZTERS to collect, transport, treat, and dispose of your waste, you save time not only in the short-term scope of the project, but in the long-term as well. How? When we provide waste management for contractors, we ensure you are in compliance with the garbage collection codes in your area. Our services are completely integrated, meaning that you never have to take time out of your workday to handle any complaints, schedule pickups, or pay any fees for not disposing of waste properly.

Here’s some advice for setting up a solid waste disposal plan that saves you and your crew precious time and money:

  • Create a budget. Think about how many times you drive to the transfer station to dispose of waste from your jobsite, and how that translates into expenses for your business. Account for your employee’s time in loading and unloading, their time in traffic, the wear and tear on your company vehicles, and how frequently you make these trips.
  • Look at rates for scheduled pickups or regular services. Garbage collection companies like ZTERS can set you up with a flexible plan that conforms to the frequency of trash disposal at your construction site. These services are often quite affordable when you consider the hidden costs of taking on garbage collection yourself.
  • Inquire about sustainability services and recycling. Simply put, creating less waste in the first place translates to a cheaper waste management bill. Most construction and demolition waste currently generated in the US is destined for landfills, whereas recyclables usually cost nothing to dispose of. In addition to being a wise economic decision for you, using green solutions to waste disposal is often attractive to prospective clients.

You are now armed with the tools to save money at your next project! Don’t forget that ZTERS is available to help provide commercial dumpsters suitable for jobs at any scale, as well as regular pickup service. Contact us today to learn more.

Finding Luxury Portable Restrooms For Your Wedding

We are certainly in the midst of a trend when it comes to wedding locations. Couples increasingly opt for flexibility in searching for a venue, and they often don’t settle for the traditional “banquet-hall” experience. If you envision an outdoor wedding at a stunning parkland, a friendly gathering at a private bed and breakfast, or an intimate ceremony at your own home, you will likely need to provide portable bathrooms from a vendor like ZTERS. And, if you are planning a large gathering of 150 or more, the existing facilities may need to be supplemented just in case. Be prepared! The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is attending to the needs of your guests.

Read on for tips on what to look for when renting a luxury portable restroom for your wedding:

  • Ask a lot of questions of the person in charge of the space you hope to book. What requirements do they have for restroom use so as to not overdo their septic tanks? How many guests can they realistically receive? Are there items that cannot be flushed? Do they have available outdoor space for the restroom rentals you bring in, and do they have any objections to using certain outside vendors?
  • Calculate how many portable toilets you’ll need for your event. Portable restrooms tend to be non-gender specific, so remember that lines will form evenly for whichever facility is available. Under normal conditions, most people will use the sanitation facilities once every three to four hours. However, at a large gathering such as a wedding where increased consumption of food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages is expected, usage can increase by 30-40%. A good rule of thumb for a day-long event is to provide at least 2 restrooms at a basic level, 3 restrooms for 100 guests, 4 restrooms for parties of 150-250 or more, and 5 for events that exceed 500 guests.
  • Once you know how many portable restrooms you will need, there are many options available. With ZTERS, we provide a variety of portable toilet rentals – and not just your typical porta potties. Luxury portable restrooms have been a perfect solution to the very issues we outlined above, because they really do look and feel exactly like a built facility. For your wedding, individual restrooms can be provided with the addition of hand sanitizers, garbage cans, or hand wash stations. Additionally, our luxury options include models with multiple stalls, flushing toilets, vanities, and sinks for added comfort. ZTERS provides incredibly clean and professional service no matter what type of restroom you prefer.

Congratulations on your wedding! We hope this blog has helped you in your planning process. We cater to the unique needs of every individual customer, and we know that these details matter. A quick call to ZTERS can take care of this step of your planning process today, so that you can rest assured knowing that everyone can focus on what truly matters – you and your spouse’s upcoming celebration.