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Red clock with hard hat in foreground. Behind it is yellow and black caution tape in front of a faded construction landscape.

March 10th, 2023

How to Improve Time Management in Construction

As any construction professional knows, time means everything when working on a project. From tight deadlines to limited working hours to mandatory construction worker breaks, it’s essential to maintain solid time management in construction. That can be easier said than done, however. In our decades working with the construction industry, […]

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Green recycling symbol with images on brick, green waste, and wood inside. Black and yellow striped border on bottom. ZTERS logo in top right corner.

February 16th, 2023

5 Tips for Recycling Building Materials

Construction and demolition makes up nearly 23% of nationwide waste. Recycling is an excellent way to divert this significant amount of waste from landfills. Responsibly recycled construction materials can increase resource-efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and limit waste production.  With green building at the top of the 2023 construction trends, sustainable […]

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crossed out cockroaches, rats, and insects over a dumpster and construction background

November 22nd, 2022

How to Prevent a Dumpster Pest Infestation

Rats and roaches and raccoons. Oh my! Construction workers and business owners have enough to manage every day. A pest infestation in an outdoor dumpster can cause a major headache on top of that.  Many construction companies are unpleasantly surprised by termites feasting on disposed wood. Restaurants see a swarm […]

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construction site in the snow

November 16th, 2022

5 Tips for Prepping Your Construction Site for Winter

Winter is coming. In some parts of the country, the freeze is already in full swing and it can be brutal. This shift requires careful preparation on construction sites to ensure cold weather construction safety and avoid weather-induced damage to equipment. With our decades of industry experience and close ties […]

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July 18th, 2022

A note from our founder: Providing real value in waste services

This post originally ran in 2017 and has been refreshed for 2022. Every company that has ever thrived either provided value to their customers or, at the very least, convinced their customers that they did. Microsoft and Apple are prime examples of companies that provided value to customers. Computers and […]

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June 29th, 2022

Ask Angela: Where should you put a construction dumpster?

Hey Angela, We need to rent a dumpster for a construction project. Where’s the best place to put a construction dumpster on a site? Thanks for the question! We get asked this a lot. In fact, we partially answered this in a previous post: Can we put a dumpster over […]

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April 22nd, 2022

Five Ways to Reduce Waste

Whether it’s Earth Day or any day, it’s always a good time to reduce waste. Single-use plastics contribute about 380 million metric tons of waste every year, and people throw away about 1.2 million plastic bottles per minute. Cutting back on packaging and improving your recycling efforts are easy ways […]

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February 24th, 2022

Waste Management for Contractors: Avoid the Headaches of Self-Hauling

As working contractors, we know that your time is valuable. That’s why ZTERS offers a variety of convenient products and services to help your jobsite run smoothly and effectively. A complete waste management plan shaves off enormous planning time and trips to the transfer station.

When you hire ZTERS to collect, transport, treat, and disposes of your waste you save time not only in the short-term scope of the project, but in the long-term as well. How? When we provide waste management for contractors, we ensure you are in compliance with the garbage collection codes in your area. Our services are completely integrated, meaning that you never have to take time out of your workday to handle any complaints, schedule pickups, or pay any fees for not disposing of waste properly.

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portable restrooms

February 13th, 2022

Finding Luxury Portable Restrooms For Your Wedding

We are certainly in the midst of a trend when it comes to wedding locations. Couples increasingly opt for flexibility in searching for a venue, and they often don’t settle for the traditional “banquet-hall” experience. If you envision an outdoor wedding at a stunning parkland, a friendly gathering at a private bed and breakfast, or an intimate ceremony at your own home, you will likely need to provide portable bathrooms from a vendor like ZTERS.

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construction tech trends

December 3rd, 2021

2022 Construction Tech Trends

Can new construction tech trends open opportunities for growth and improve efficiency in 2022? Here are three trends to keep an eye on in the coming year. From new concrete building technology to new ways to collaborate and manage a worksite, investigating these technologies could help reduce costs and get […]

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