zters-services-fencesA temporary fence rental is an effective and safe way to create a secure area for any purpose – whether it be a construction job site, special event, work zone, or disaster relief area. A rent-a-fence provided by ZTERS is temporary but stable, and can adapt to any configuration your site requires. We ensure ease of installation and flexibility for your needs as well as the assurance that your area will be protected and secured from the public.


We provide delivery, installation, and removal for the following types of temporary fencing:

  • In-ground chain-link fencing is the most secure option, featuring poles driven into the ground for support. They are ideal for construction sites or containing large crowds.
  • A portable panel fence is a free standing solution perfect for directing attendance at an event or for sectioning off private areas at large outdoor functions like music concerts, festivals, fairs, or private parties.
  • Privacy gates and windscreens provide a professional, neutral scrim that blocks unsightly construction and limit dust and debris from flowing into public areas. They also provide security by screening off tools and equipment on the job site.

Our staff will assist you in determining the perfect temporary fencing solution for your project.

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