Sandra Wilson
Service Provider Specialist


Del Rio Texas - WHY? The Food, the Lake, the small town rest, relaxation and most of all the people.


People reader


I was a Drive-thru Teller supervisor and a lady came through the drive-thru. As she pulled off from the window her drivers door came ajar. My tellers were upset saying "she cant drive like that"(holding the door with one hand and driving with the other), so I went out to see if I could help. Nope she could not drive like that, I could tell she was nervous and shaking (she told me after that she was 84). I jump in on the driver side and a teller followed. Yes, I drove her the 3 blocks home while holding the door closed, and then came back to work. Life in a small town, loved every minute of it! Proud of serving a customer, Trust, Respect, Simple, Reliable. That was in the 90s, she trusted someone that she saw, talked to and banked with regularly, she felt a sense of warmth and friendliness in us.