Meet the team of professionals that makes ZTERS great!


President“Fair. Simple. Reliable.”


Vice President
Vice President"Hello, my name is Shay Sims. I am continuously working to help make this company the best it can be. Our goal is to be the easiest phone call you will ever have to make, with a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Outside of work, I am a wife and mother of two incredible children.”


Sales Manager
Sales Manager"My name is Tiffany, but you can call me Tiff if you’d like. I am a loyal, dedicated, and hard-working professional that enjoys talking trash as my chosen career path. I am here to help ensure our customer service and daily operations are both working smoothly and seamlessly. We will bend over backwards to offer the best customer service you can imagine. Call us and give us a chance to prove me right!"


Accounting Manager
Accounting Manager“I provide Accounting support to the entire sales staff here at Zters. Accuracy is my main focus to ensure smooth operations.“


Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Manager"Howdy Ya’ll. My name is Jamie and I’m one of the Senior Account Managers in the Zters family. We’ve created an environment like a second home and I enjoy coming into work every day. Speaking of home, I enjoy taking care of my two dogs, two horses, and two cats; supporting local charities; and last but not least, spending as much time as possible outdoors! We are a truly a family here and strive to make every one of our customers feel like they are calling home."


Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Manager“I have been a part of the Zters team for a few years, and I am always here to help you! A little about me: lover of cinema, producer of trivia events, and father of one awesome girl.”


Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Manager"My name is Katie. As part of the Zters Team, I am dedicated to getting you the best service and pricing possible, and handling any issues efficiently and with a smile. In my spare time I enjoy doing theater and photography."


Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Manager“Hello, I’m Nichole Thornton. I am a devoted wife and mother of 3. When I’m not providing unequivocal customer service to our national account customers here at Zters, I’m a baseball mom through-and-through for my little leaguer, and enjoy spending time with my family.”


Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Manager“Hi, I’m Angela Phillips and a Senior Account Manager for Zters. I love my job and strive to give my customers everything they need for their sites. Be it a special event or a long term job, my goal is to provide excellent customer service to all my customers. I am an avid reader and enjoy a good game of chess in my free time.”


Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Manager“I love being part of the Zters team! When I am at work, I take great personal pleasure in maintaining my customers’ accounts with professionalism and speedy service. When I am not at work, I have a small karaoke addiction. In both my professional and personal life, I take requests!”


Permanent Services Division Manager
Permanent Services Division Manager“My name is Dan and I’ve been in the waste and recycling industry since 2001. My focus is on providing the best operational and customer service possible to our permanent service customers. I’m always looking for new ways to better our customers experience and to improve on efficiency.”