ZTERS will find the most affordable storage containers in your area.

If you are a contractor in need of storage options or you need to store items from your home or business, we can assist you in finding the right-size storage container.

Stack up your temporary storage containers and protect your expensive tools, equipment, and other belongings from theft, high winds, and water. Storage containers are great to accompany portable construction offices for archiving administration, files, furniture, and equipment. They are mobile and can be transported around the job site for easy access to your belongings.


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Commercial-grade, weather-proof and secure units for storage

Temporary storage containers provide commercial-grade, weather-proof and secure units to store your belongings. If you’ve outgrown your existing space and need a short-term solution, these storage containers can be dropped off at your business, which saves you from making trips to an off-site self-storage warehouse. Since we offer nationwide services, ZTERS can help you rent a storage container from a city near you that is the right size for the job. Dry storage containers are not insulated and offer secure openings to prevent water damage or roll up doors for added in and out convenience. Please note that the roll-up doors are not 100% water resistant.

Our mobile storage containers can help get things organized

Have you outgrown your commercial space or require a storage unit conveniently located to your house or business to store tools, machinery, or vehicles? Whatever the reason, our mobile storage containers can help get things organized.

ZTERS can deliver a shipping container rental directly to your job site or business, making it easy for you to transport and store your equipment and belongings onsite. There is no need to purchase warehouse space or make countless trips to a self-storage unit. When you no longer need the unit, contact us, and we’ll have it removed. During your rental period, you can rest assured that your belongings are protected and safe.

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