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Five reasons your construction project needs a storage container

Where do you find storage space for all the supplies, equipment and tools required for your project? If you’re like many construction companies, you probably rent space at a storage facility, ask subcontractors to store things (and hope you see everything again), or build a temporary shed and cross your fingers no one cuts the lock. Each of these solutions comes with a set of dangers that will cost you time and money should you have to replace anything. There is another option, though — onsite storage container rentals.

Here are five reasons why even small and mid-sized construction companies benefit from renting onsite storage containers for their construction projects:

Storage almost anywhere

Very few locations are off limits for today’s shipping and storage containers. They’re specifically designed to be transported on a standard flatbed trailer truck, and they can be shipped just about anywhere you need them. Use temporary storage containers anywhere from a downtown construction site to a country home renovation. No oversize or overweight permits are required. And once they’re filled, they can be picked up and delivered to any destination you choose. Same-day pickup service is also often available.

Containers are cost effective

When you require extra storage space, an off-site unit in a storage facility may end up costing you more money than shipping and storage containers. In most cases it costs less per square foot to rent an onsite storage container rather than an external site or to build a temporary shed. Also, storage containers are conveniently delivered to your site. Store all your essential documents, supplies, tools, and equipment on the site and save significant money in transport costs. You also save travel time because crew members aren’t scrambling to pick up or drop off equipment and materials.

Inventory stays secure

Weather and vandalism are two major concerns for construction companies. Most items lost due to storm damage or theft are covered by insurance, but it takes time to replace them. That can be a project killer if you have a tight deadline. Storage containers help prevent this costly loss. They’re built to last, so they keep equipment and materials as secure as an offsite storage unit. They’re also water resistant, pest resistant and able to withstand strong winds. And their windowless metal exteriors and double lock doors serve as a theft deterrent.

No assembly required

The time and cost of building an onsite storage shed quickly adds up. You can’t store materials until the structure is complete, which could take days. This adds time to your project, and it may take resources away from the project itself. These structures are also often made of wood and more susceptible to damage from vandalism and weather. In some cases, the damage from a storm or destruction may be so extensive you’ll have to build a new shed. Temporary storage containers bypass these problems. There are no construction costs, and the container is delivered to your site ready for immediate use.

Onsite convenience

Documents, supplies, equipment, and unused inventory can all be securely stored inside a storage container. There are no restrictions to what you can keep inside or when you can access the contents. This makes temporary storage containers an ideal solution no matter what type of construction project you’re managing. The contents are always available. There are no offsite storage hours to be aware of, and no rushing to pack up before an offsite storage unit closes. Also, the storage container can be transported. Use them in more than one location. After you wrap up one job, you can move a container and its contents to a new site.

ZTERS provides effective construction site solutions

ZTERS provides portable and secure storage container rentals, along with a wide range of other construction site solutions, including portable office trailers, temporary fencing, and portable toilets. Contact ZTERS today to learn how we can coordinate rental equipment for your project.