Can Smart Waste Technologies Improve Sustainability Efforts?

Smart waste technologies like cameras and data analytics have become a major part of waste management. Back in the day, the only way to monitor a dumpster or compactor was to send someone out in person to check the contents. Today, smart waste solutions allow for remote monitoring, and artificial intelligence has improved our ability to fine-tune service levels and reduce truck times on the road. Tech-based improvements in managing waste reduce inefficiency, help avoid contaminated materials, and solve the problems of poorly timed pickups.

Dumpster Waste Metering with Compology Camera Technology

ZTERS Commercial Waste uses Compology camera technology to monitor our dumpsters. We know our clients don’t have time to keep an eye on what’s happening at the dumpster. Compology cameras monitor how full the dumpster is and what kind of materials are in it, helping to determine the best schedule for service and assisting in spotting possible contaminants. This technology helps streamline the entire garbage collection process and boosts sustainability by making truck routes more efficient and preventing recycling contamination. As an added bonus, we’ve found dumpster cameras can reduce costs by up to 30%.

Smart Waste Tech Helps Avoid Surprise Contamination Fees

No one likes to be surprised with an unexpected bill, and our technology helps reduce the chance of unexpected contamination fees. Without monitoring your dumpsters, you won’t know when someone throws unauthorized waste in your containers. This could be anything from regular garbage to dangerous waste. If you’re recycling, avoiding contamination is doubly important. Throwing non-recyclable materials in a recycling bin will rack up contamination fees. But it could also prevent the materials from being recycled, and they could end up in a landfill. Being able to remove contaminants before they reach a processing center and ruin a batch of recyclables is a winning approach for everyone.

Monitoring Compactor Levels to Improve Efficiency

Another smart waste solution is compactor monitoring. Our compactors use Contelligent waste technology to monitor the unit’s fullness, so you only receive pickups when you need them. The system helps us know when your compactors are full and to identify trends. This gives us the tools to stay on top of the compactor’s KPIs (key performance indicators) and to make adjustments as necessary. We can monitor fullness levels and optimize your service to prevent unnecessary pickups and reduce the time trucks spend on the road making unnecessary pickups. Better pickup schedules result in increased fuel efficiency, and our process can even help you monitor and improve recycling volume.

When you work with ZTERS, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who can help you determine which dumpster or compactor solution is best for your business. Your account manager can help you maximize sustainability and reduce costs at the same time. Contact us to learn more about how we’re using smart waste solutions to improve your waste efficiency.