Using Augmented Reality on Construction Sites

An estimated one billion people used augmented reality (AR) in 2020 – and augmented reality on construction sites can save time and help you get the right dumpsters, toilets, and other rentals. How does AR work? Think about the last time you shopped for furniture on your mobile phone or tablet. Chances are, there was an AR feature that let you point your camera in the direction of your room to see how a piece of furniture would look in the space. Now you can do the same thing with portable toilets, dumpsters, and storage units.

Why use AR on a construction job site?

The ability to see where objects sit in real time can save a lot of time. When renting portable toilets, dumpsters, and storage containers. When you need rentals, how do you know if they’ll fit in the available space? In the past, you’d have to stop and measure or take an educated guess.

We’ve been helping people with temporary site rentals for more than ten years, and we’ve seen plenty of situations where people guess wrong. Dumpsters that don’t fit in a space. Toilets that are too large for a space. And unfortunately, they don’t realize it until the delivery arrives and they have to send it back and wait for a new unit.


Because of our experience – and yours – we knew construction and event customers needed an easier way to figure out if rentals will fit on their sites. An AR app seemed the best solution. After a lot of planning and testing, we integrated an AR feature into our app. It’s a new feature that allows you to easily see how a rental will fit on your site—before you spend the money.

The app is free to download and use. To use the AR placement tool, download the ZTERS app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Launch the app, select Augmented Reality, and select the product you want to rent. Then point your camera toward the area where you want it. You’ll be able to see if it fits, or if you need a different size. 

In addition to the new AR feature, if you’re an existing customer, you also get access to myZTERS – your online home for account management. Log in to view all your sites and rentals across multiple jobsites, schedule additional cleanings or final pick-up, or request a phone call from your account manager in just a few taps.  

The ZTERS app with AR rental placement – it’s one more way we’re working to make your job easier.