Waste Management for Contractors: Avoid the Headaches of Self-Hauling

As working contractors, your time is valuable. That’s why ZTERS offers one-call waste management for contractors. It starts with dumpster rentals, and that’s just the beginning. We also bundle additional services like temporary fencing, portable toilets, mobile offices, and storage containers all in one package. A complete site service rental plan with ZTERS shaves off planning time and keeps your company from making time-consuming trips to the waste transfer station.

Some contractors try to manage their own waste disposal, which requires staying compliant with local garbage collection codes and hauling trash to a landfill or transfer station using your own trucks and equipment. It also means knowing and keeping track of disposal fees. Our services are completely integrated, meaning that you never have to take time out of your workday to manage pickups, or pay extra fees for not disposing of waste properly.

If you’re currently managing your own construction waste, here are some things to consider to find out if using a waste service would save you time and money:

  • How much are you spending? Think about how many times you drive to the transfer station to dispose of waste from your job site, and how that translates into expenses for your business. Account for your employee’s time in loading and unloading, their time in traffic, the wear and tear on your company vehicles, and how frequently you make these trips.
  • Look at rates for scheduled pickups or regular services. We set up flexible plans for construction companies and contractors that need regular dumpster service. These services are typically affordable, especially when you consider the time and cost commitment of hauling garbage yourself.
  • What about sustainability services and recycling? Simply put, creating less waste in the first place translates to a cheaper waste management bill. Most construction and demolition waste currently generated in the U.S. is destined for landfills, but many construction materials can be recycled. In addition to being a wise economic decision for you, having green waste solutions is attractive to your clients.

Hauling your own construction garbage and managing trips to a transfer station takes up time and resources. Rather than managing the haul yourself, get all your site rentals in one phone call with ZTERS. We provide dumpster rentals for jobs at any scale, as well as portable toilets, temporary fencing, mobile offices, and storage containers. Contact us today to learn more.