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Actualizado: 07 de Agosto de 2022

If you’re looking for a fast and friendly solution to disposing of some waste from a recent project, you are just a phone call away. In a city as large as Portland, you need a dumpster rental company that is familiar with the area. ZTERS has completed over 376 dumpster rentals in Portland, OR providing quality service and fast quotes to hundreds of satisfied customers. Our experienced team of account managers is equipped to answer questions for any type of project.

We proudly serve the City of Roses, servicing everywhere from the Pearl District and Old Town Chinatown to the West End and Nob Hill. Taking care of the environment and your safety is of utmost importance to us. With a population over 653,115, you need a dumpster rental provider that knows how to get the job done.

Portland, OR

(877) 893-7743

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¿Cuánto cuesta alquilar un dumpster in Portland?

Portland dumpster costs can be impacted by dumpster size, local landfill fees, gas prices, and other factors. Portland dumpster costs range from $511 for a 10 yard dumpster up to $1219 for a 40 yard dumpster. Each dumpster size includes a maximum allowable tonnage and 10 day rental period. If you need the dumpster longer, you can extend your rental period for an additional fee. Delivery costs average about $75.70 depending on distance, dumpster size, and current gas prices. Here is a list of ZTERS Portland dumpster prices by size:

Precios actualizados el 07 de Agosto de 2022
* ¿Por qué hay un rango de precios? Los precios anteriores representan datos reales de nuestros dumpster rentals en Portland, los cuales pueden fluctuar en función de la disponibilidad de inventario, la estacionalidad, el tipo de escombros y otras variables. Por favor, llame al (346) 954-4216 para conocer los costos exactos de los contenedores de basura en Portland.
Tamaño del Contenedor de Basura Low End* High End*
30 YARDAS $511 $928
20 YARDAS Construction $543 $949
10 YARDAS $646 $827
20 YARDAS Household $709 $816
40 YARDAS $1077 $1219

Portland, OR

(877) 893-7743

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions on Portland dumpster rentals. These are specific to the Portland area, so if you have any questions that are more general in nature, you might also find our full FAQ page helpful.

In most cases, you won’t need a permit for your dumpster rental if it will be located on your private property. However, it would be good to check with the Department of Public Works if you have any doubts. You may need to seek permission from your local Homeowner’s Association if your neighborhood is a part of one. If you want to place your dumpster in the public right-of-way or on public property, that’s when you need to get an occupancy permit.

You have to turn in the permit application in-person or through the City of Portland’s Citizen Self Service portal. You can get either a Street Occupancy or Sidewalk Occupancy Permit, depending on your needs.

Portland, OR

(877) 893-7743

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Lo que dicen nuestros clientes de Portland

  • Bruce X. VERIFIED

    30 yard Open Top 97229


    Driver was very helpful and understanding in positioning the dumpster under tight conditions.

  • Caroline P. VERIFIED

    10 yard Open Top;20 yard Open Top 97224


    The driver did an amazing job maneuvering the dumpster in our driveway and thoughtfully placed in a way to leave us driveway space for our car. Everyone i spoke to on the phone was very helpful and pleasant to talk too.

  • Karen K. VERIFIED

    10 yard Open Top 97219


    Excellent customer service by phone, efficient delivery and pickup. Thank you!

  • John E. VERIFIED

    10 yard Open Top 97211


    Easy and affordable solution to our large disposal problem. It was a pleasure working with steven bean.

  • Christina N. VERIFIED

    20 yard Open Top 97239


    You all were great about working with us for the delivery and pick up schedule and the dumpster was placed exactly where we needed it to be. I appreciated that the driver called me on my cell when he arrived to double check the location and that our request to have the dumpster picked up friday morning was honored. Nicely done and i would definitely use you all again!

  • Bryan R. VERIFIED

    20 yard Open Top 97062


    The drop off driver was excellent. Great guy. I never spoke to the person who picked up the dumpster.

  • Bryan R. VERIFIED

    20 yard Open Top 97062


    The driver was friendly and excellent at placement, a real pro. Well done!!! I was impressed with his skill level.

  • Gwen C. VERIFIED

    20 yard Open Top 97015


    I thought the price was a little high. The dumpster was delivered in the time frame but had asked for delivery at the earliest time. Overall good job.

  • Jill E. VERIFIED

    10 yard Open Top;20 yard Open Top 97233


    The service i received was very good. If i hear that any one needs a dumpster i will give them your phone number. After this years cleanup i could be calling again next year. Thank you for all the good service i received.

  • Jill E. VERIFIED

    10 yard Open Top;20 yard Open Top 97233


    Mccall was very helpful and answered all of my questions and was very helpful about the change as to where the dumpster was to be placed.

  • Matt C. VERIFIED

    40 yard Open Top 97232


    I ordered a dumpster for delivery to the jobsite months before the project started. Confirmed delivery two weeks before the project started. Two day before the project started i got a call saying that no container was available. A manager stepped in and got everything worked out. He was very helpful. Stormi pierce was not very friendly or helpful. Container showed up two days late. had to incur extra costs had container emptied and was charged full price for ordering a new dumpster. We normally pay a dump fee of two to three hundred dollars per dump. Instead we were charged over $1,000.00. When i called stormi to discuss she was very rude and said that it is what it is.i didn't even bring up the fact that the weight was significantly overstated we rented toilets, fencing, containers, dumpsters, office trailer, forklifts, sweeper trucks and light stands on this project from three different companies. We were giving zters a try on this one to see if we could find one source for all rental needs. Thank the lord that we only used zters for the dumpster. Needless to say, we will not be using zters again.




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