waste disposal costs

Do landfill fees cause higher waste disposal costs?

If you’ve noticed your waste disposal costs have increased in 2021, you’re not alone. Like many other temporary site service rental costs that have gone up in the past year, waste disposal fees seem to be climbing as fast as the number of new construction projects. When combined with increased costs for materials, a lot of companies are feeling the strain when they rent dumpsters. Here are some reasons why disposal fees have gone up.

Landfill Fee Increases

Depending on where you’re located, you may or may not feel the effect of landfill fee fluctuations. The latest MSW landfill tip fee report from the Environmental Research & Education Foundation shows that these fees have increased by more than a dollar in some regions, and by as much as two dollars in others. The national average fee sits at about $55.36, while haulers in some areas are paying as much as $73.03.

Shifts to Scales and Tonnage

Another reason for increased disposal costs is the fact that some flat-rate landfills are now installing scales and shifting to charging fees based on tonnage. This instantly increases waste disposal costs for haulers – and customers. In fact, some of our account managers have seen rates jump from $30 to $40 per ton. Waste rental cost increases will continue to grow if more landfills shift to this weight-based model. Unfortunately, this shift puts a strain on dumpster rental fees.

Staff Shortages

As with most industries in this post-pandemic world, waste disposal companies are also facing staff shortages. This increases the need for overtime and can drive down supply. With an already increased demand during summer months and storm season, the additional cost of overtime is forcing landfills and waste disposal companies to make up the higher costs of labor by increasing prices for their customers.

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