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Finding Luxury Portable Restrooms For Your Wedding

Couples opt for originality when searching for a wedding venue, and they often don’t want to settle for the traditional “banquet-hall” experience. If you envision an outdoor wedding at a stunning parkland, a friendly gathering at a private bed and breakfast, or an intimate ceremony at your own home, you will likely need to provide portable bathrooms. And, if you are planning a large gathering of 150 or more, the existing facilities may need to be supplemented. Luxury event restrooms are an option, so be prepared! The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is attending to the needs of your guests.

Here’s what to look for when renting a luxury portable restroom for your wedding:

  • Ask a lot of questions of the person in charge of the venue. What requirements do they have around installation and septic tanks? How many guests can they realistically receive? Are there items that cannot be flushed? Do they have available outdoor space for the restroom rentals you bring in, and do they have any objections to using outside vendors?
  • Calculate how many portable toilets you’ll need for the event. Portable restrooms tend to be non-gender specific, and remember that lines will form. Under normal conditions, most people will use the facilities once every three to four hours. However, at a large gathering such as a wedding where people will be consuming food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages, usage can increase by 30-40%. A good rule of thumb is to provide at least two restrooms at a basic level, 3 restrooms for 100 guests, 4 restrooms for parties of 150-250 or more, and 5 for events that exceed 500 guests. If you’re renting luxury restroom trailers, one is usually enough for small gatherings. You may need additional units for large weddings, though.
  • Once you know how many portable restrooms you need, there are many options available. With ZTERS, we provide a variety of portable toilet rentals – and not just typical porta potties. Luxury portable restrooms are usually a perfect solution because they look and feel like a regular restroom. You can also rent individual restrooms and additional hand sanitizing or hand wash stations. Additionally, our luxury options include models with multiple stalls, flushing toilets, vanities, and sinks.

Congratulations on your wedding! When planning your special day, we help meet the unique needs of your event. A quick call to ZTERS simplifies your planning process and gets the basic necessities squared away.