Need Temporary Event Fencing? Consider These Options

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When it comes to hosting outdoor events, it’s your responsibility to help ensure the safety and security of attendees. Whether it’s a music festival, carnival, fair, or other outdoor event, having reliable temporary fencing in place is essential. 

Temporary event fencing serves multiple purposes from crowd control to lining site perimeters and VIP sections to safeguarding equipment. Because it’s not always a one-size-fits-all deal, finding the right temporary fence solution can make all the difference in guest comfortability and the overall success of your event. 

If you’re in need of temporary event fencing, consider these options. Ready to rent? Learn more about ZTERS temporary fence rental near you and give us a call to schedule yours.

Why Temporary Event Fencing Matters

Temporary event fencing plays a crucial role in maintaining order and safety at outdoor gatherings of all sizes. Here are some reasons why it’s essential:

Crowd Control: Large events attract significant crowds, and proper crowd control fencing helps manage the flow of people, preventing overcrowding and chaos. Unfortunately, massive concerts and gatherings can be breeding grounds for crowd surges and other potentially fatal incidents. Crowd control can save lives.

Security: Fencing acts as a barrier, deterring unauthorized access and keeping attendees safe from potential hazards. Whether you’re storing equipment on-site or want to prevent attendees from coming into contact with potentially dangerous machinery, electrical zones, or other areas, event fencing can create security.

Boundary Identification: Clearly marked boundaries help attendees understand the event area, reducing confusion and ensuring a smoother experience. While having a clear perimeter is important for safety, it can also make the event more enjoyable since people are less likely to wander around looking for the action.

Safety Compliance: Just as construction sites have temporary fencing requirements, certain events also require specific safety measures to comply with regulations. Failure to comply with certain regulations could result in fines or other penalties.

Options for Event Fencing

Temporary fencing comes in a variety of materials and sizes — each with its own advantages. Though most people picture classic chain link fences when they think about temporary fencing, there are so many other types of temporary event fencing. 

  1. Chain Link Fencing: Robust and versatile, chain link fencing is a popular choice for events of all sizes. It provides excellent security and can be easily customized to fit the event’s requirements.
  2. Barricade Fences: Ideal for crowd control, barricades are often used to create designated pathways and secure perimeters. Barricade fencing panels are typically 3.5 feet tall by 7 feet wide with flat stands that keep them solidly in place without creating tripping hazards.
  3. Plastic Mesh Safety Fences: Often bright orange in color, plastic mesh fences are extremely visible, making them especially great for nighttime events. Simply roll out the desired length and attach the fencing to stakes to keep it in place.
  4. Traffic Control Fences: Designed specifically for controlling vehicle traffic and keeping people safe, these brightly colored striped fences are perfect for guiding vehicles away from the event site. They’re easy to set up and move as needed.

Additional Event Temporary Fence Accessories

Complement your event fence rental with useful add-ons including privacy screens, wind screens, and sandbags. These accessories can enhance security at your event while also ensuring that your fence can withstand any weather conditions.

How Much Fencing Do You Need for Your Event?

ZTERS makes it easy to calculate exactly how much event fencing you need in just a few clicks. Try out the free temporary fence calculator to determine the total linear feet of fencing necessary for your event. Our calculator helps ensure that you get as much fencing as you need without running out or conversely, overpaying for panels you aren’t using.

ZTERS Offers Quality Temporary Event Fencing

Don’t overlook the importance of temporary event fencing! There are so many moving parts associated with putting on an event. Let ZTERS support by handling your fence rental. We rent temporary fences near you!

ZTERS is a trusted provider of temporary fencing solutions nationwide. We offer a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. With years of experience, we’ve helped event planners with events of all types — so we can help develop a plan that’s right for you. Your convenience and success is our priority!

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