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Are you a facility manager or commercial property owner? Where do restaurant, warehouse, or retail store owners go for timely, affordable waste management solutions? Across the country, facility managers and property owners trust ZTERS for front-load dumpsters and commercial waste services. With our wide network of connections, decades of experience, and thousands of vetted vendors, we offer high quality, reliable commercial waste service with prompt response times and transparent billing.

With so many other things on your mind, don’t waste time on trash. We’ve got you covered! Your dedicated account manager at ZTERS is here to make things easier for you. Whether you have one location or one hundred, our commercial trash pickup and recycling service could save you time and money.

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About ZTERS Commercial Waste Services

ZTERS was founded in 2009 by waste industry experts who specialized in construction and temporary waste services. The ZTERS mission is to bring fair, simple, reliable service to the waste industry — deliver on time and provide outstanding customer service.

As the company grew, customers began asking for permanent commercial trash and recycling services and the ZTERS Commercial Waste division was created. From industrial compactors to sustainability reporting, our commercial waste account managers create custom plans for commercial property owners and facility managers. We’re not just a name on a truck. We’re your partner in commercial waste — solving problems, diverting waste from the land fill, right-sizing your service, and making your job easier.

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Why choose ZTERS

We’ve helped facilities nationwide streamline their commercial waste and business dumpster service. Whether you manage one location or 100, our dedicated team develops a custom solution to meet your sustainability goals and budget.

Our Process

Working with ZTERS is easy. Rather than juggling multiple commercial trash contacts and invoices across different locations, you’ll have one account manager to right-size your waste service for one or 100 locations. Here’s how to get started:

Give us a call. We’ll analyze your waste stream and service frequency. We’ll also take a look at your current contract and evaluate what is (and isn’t) working. We’ll look at your business dumpster service and whether a compactor will help improve your waste goals.

Review your custom plan. Your dedicated account manager will create an optimized waste plan that includes the latest waste technologies and a sustainability analysis for each of your locations. Your plan will have one custom invoice no matter how many locations you manage.

Get proactive service. We install fullness monitoring technology and proactively monitor your waste for right sizing, service verifications, contamination warnings, and diversion.

Review your service monthly or quarterly. We provide custom reporting on a schedule that works for you, so you can meet your waste and sustainability goals.

Custom solutions for every industry.

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Industrial compactors

Inefficient commercial trash service can keep you up at night. When cardboard and packing materials pile up, they create a safety hazard and increase the volume and cost of pickups. Compactors and balers are the first step toward efficient commercial waste management. Our industrial compactors help you:

  • Monitor compactor volume – keep track of fullness remotely
  • Securely manage usage – no unauthorized compacting
  • Create accurate billback reporting for shared environments
  • Accurately report waste and recycling volumes to meet sustainability goals
  • Get real-time reporting and status updates to reduced owntime
  • Avoid having to reach out for service

Auger Compactors

Industrial and Commercial Grade Auger Compactors.

Auger compactors provide safer waste compacting and can significantly reduce disposal transportation costs by shredding and compacting waste in one machine. Rather than the manual breakdown of materials, which can be time consuming and potentially unsafe, a commercial or industrial-grade auger compactor can break down cardboard boxes, some wood pallets, and general bagged waste through a single input. Auger compactors are available with up to 400 horsepower and either electric or hydraulic drives.

Commercial grade compactors are a popular choice for multifamily housing and multi-use developments, office buildings, and facilities that need a lower volume solution for intermittent waste compaction. With a commercial grade auger, materials are safely shredded and compacted — reducing waste volume and the cost and frequency of pickups.

Industrial grade compactors are best in warehouses and facilities with medium to high volumes of waste. These larger auger compactors can process materials continuously to prevent an unsafe buildup of boxes and packaging waste in industrial facilities.

Give us a call and we can help you select and install the right commercial or industrial auger compactor for your facility.

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Find out how data monitoring can streamline your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial dumpsters are relatively flexible, with different types available for different types of businesses, but there are some major dont’s to look out for. You are not permitted to fill the dumpster with materials that exceed the top of the container. Additionally, common materials that aren’t allowed in dumpsters include (but are not limited) to: Heavy construction debris, liquids of any kind, dead animals, medical waste, radioactive material, appliances, batteries, tires.

ZTERS account managers can help you determine if your facility needs specialized equipment such as compactors. Commercial waste compactors cut down on the volume of waste and frequency of pickups. Let us help you with a waste audit to right size your waste solution and decide if a compactor is right for you.

A good rule of thumb for determining how much space to leave around your dumpster is to take the width and height of your dumpster and double it. This leaves plenty of space for trucks to load and unload with ease. You’ll also need to make sure the delivery truck can safely access the area where the dumpster will be stored.

If your trash exceeds the height of the container, additional costs will be incurred. Overloaded containers can make it harder and more dangerous to load or unload.

Our account managers can help you conduct a waste audit to find out how much waste your facility produces and we’ll help you find the best waste solutions and pickup schedule to meet your needs. We offer many commercial waste solutions, including compactors and Compology camera systems, to help you accurately and efficiently measure and dispose of your building’s waste and recycling.

commercial waste services

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OUR MOST POPULAR commercial waste services

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DIMENSIONS: L:2.9' W:2.2' H:3.6'

A 96-gallon cart, alsoknown as a toter or an organic waste cart, is typically used for a small busin...

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DIMENSIONS: L:6' W:4.3' H:4.7'

Use 4-yard front-load dumpsters for small apartment buildings with 6-10 units, smaller restaurants,...

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DIMENSIONS: L:6' W:5.5' H:5.9'

Larger restaurants, retail stores, and multifamily housing units are usually best served by 6-yard f...

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DIMENSIONS: L:6' W:2.8' H:3.8'

Heavy-duty front-load dumpsters are built to withstand the wear and tear of commercial garbage colle...

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DIMENSIONS: L:6' W:6' H:21'

An 8-yard front-load container holds up to 1,600 pounds of trash in an eight cubic foot capacity uni...

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OTHER commercial waste services PRODUCTS


Keep waste odors contained and keep rodents and insects out with self-contained compactors. These un...

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DIMENSIONS: L:6' W:6' H:7.6'

For warehouse and industrial spaces, a 10-yard front-load container provides enough space to hold th...

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DIMENSIONS: L:6' W:64' H:2.7'

Tight outdoor spaces and businesses with small waste volumes benefit from 1-yard front-load containe...

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Auger compactors are heavy-duty machines designed to shred and compact large volumes of waste in a s...

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DIMENSIONS: L:6' W:3.6' H:4'

A 3-yard front-load dumpster is large enough for businesses that generate small to moderate amounts...

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Get the right dumpster for your site using our dumpster sizing chart.

The 8-yard dumpster is a popular choice for large retailers, medical facilities, apartment complexes, condos, malls, and high-volume businesses with up to 500 employees or residents. This large size holds up to 51 33-gallon bags of trash.

A 6-yard can handle all types of trash and debris for strip malls, retail locations, restaurants and mid-sized to large businesses with up to 250 employees. Holds up to 39 33-gallon bags of garbage.

The 4-yard size dumpster works well for municipal solid waste for restaurants, office buildings and mid-sized businesses with up to 100 employees. It holds 24-27 33-gallon bags of trash.

Great for small businesses, a 2-yard size dumpster holds around 12-15 33-gallon bags of trash. It's a good size for small restaurants or businesses with up to 25 employees.


ZTERS + Compology Camera Technology

Rightsizing your waste service is usually a guessing game. Sometimes you’re paying for a half-empty dumpster pickup, while other times you’ve got garbage piled up around an overflowing bin. For most facilities, the only way to know how much garbage is generated is to manually audit and count waste output. And who has time for that? Almost no one. Most property owners and facility managers end up throwing money out with the trash every month.

That’s just the start of wasted resources. There’s also the surprise of being hit with contamination fees. Or trying to track missed pickups. Owners, tenants, and facility managers don’t have time to chase down and catch every contamination risk or missed service.

That’s why ZTERS Commercial Waste now installs Compology camera technology at all our locations. With dumpster camera tech, we can gather data and more accurately rightsize your waste service. No more manual counting or trying to guesstimate waste volume. No more wondering whether a contaminant is buried in a dumpster or whether a pickup was missed.

Dumpster cameras have been shown to reduce spend by as much as 30 percent. They also cut down on contamination fees by catching most contaminants before the container is serviced. It also holds haulers accountable for reliable service.

Find out how ZTERS uses dumpster camera technology to battle contamination and reduce your overall waste spend. Call to schedule a quick chat with a dedicated account manager today.

Contelligent Waste Technology

Contelligent, formerly known as OnePlus, is one ofthe largest container management and analytics tools in the industry. We use Contelligenton all compactors to monitor fullness and notify us when a haul is needed. This continuous monitoring creates efficient service schedules and helps companies track recycling volume and sustainability efforts.

How does Contelligent work? Monitoring is based on compactor pressure readings. The system automatically tracks the amount of waste being compacted and creates reports that leverage key performance indicators (KPIs). Contelligent technology provides:

  • Visibility into waste and recycling streams
  • Automation of efficient pickup schedules
  • Identification of trends and benchmarks

Here’s what our clients have to say


    “I really appreciate all the help you give me and the rest of the team. The service that you guys provide makes our jobs so much easier, and I’m glad we’re able to work together. Thank you again for all of the help!”


    “We are very thankful for our relationship with ZTERS. Your services are crucial for our portfolio as we grow and maintain. We look forward to our continued relationship.”

  • Chris VERIFIED

    “2020 has been difficult for many people. Thank you for providing wonderful service to our team.”

  • Aidan VERIFIED

    “You were seamless on my projects over the past 18 months, so I really appreciate all that you do for our team. Thanks!”

  • Christy VERIFIED

    “Thank you so much for being our wonderful business partner and all the value you provide to all our projects. Looking forward to our continued partnership!”

  • Kristina VERIFIED

    “Thank you ZTERS team! It’s always a pleasure working with you guys. Looking forward to the continued work in 2021 with you all.”

  • Sulette VERIFIED

    “ZTERS! You all are A M A Z I N G! All our needs and all our requests always get taken care of in a timely manner :) Your rep, Yuri, is the BEST along with the team that backs her up. Keep doing what you all do because it is absolutely working --thank you!”

  • Luigi VERIFIED

    “I just want to say thank you. Thank you to our rep, Nichole, who has been terrific in supporting our needs here in Connecticut! She makes this process easy for us on our end and has met every need on time and without any hiccups!”

  • Craig VERIFIED

    “Dan, thank you so much for thinking of us. We appreciate it. We love working with the entire ZTERS team. We’re grateful to be working with such a dynamic and progressive company. Thanks for allowing us to help you and your team grow.”



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Top reasons why customers choose ZTERS:

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