Why Work With a Commercial Waste Company?

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We should all be striving towards greater sustainability; commercial waste companies are your partners in that pursuit. Responsible business trash disposal is not just a critical component of running a healthy business, it’s also the right thing to do. It helps ensure compliance with regulations while also contributing to a cleaner, safer environment.

When it comes to managing business waste, partnering with a professional waste management company can make all the difference. Dealing with trash becomes less a part of your day to day, freeing you up to focus on more strategic tasks. 

ZTERS specializes in creating custom, optimized plans for seamless commercial waste management. But why is it worthwhile to work with a commercial waste company like ZTERS? Here’s the lowdown.

Advantages of Working with a Commercial Waste Company

There’s a reason why there are entire companies devoted to business trash disposal. High-volume waste management can be complex and business owners have tons of other things to prioritize. Commercial waste companies offload that work. 

Expertise and Compliance

Business waste disposal is an entity industry. Naturally, there’s a lot to know. Partnering with a commercial waste company allows you to capitalize on their expertise. Similarly, ZTERS is well-versed in local, state, and federal regulations so we can help ensure compliance with diverse laws and standards. The last thing your business needs is to be hit with penalties for improper disposal.

Boosted Efficiency

Every company’s waste output is different from the type of waste to the volume. To better grasp what you’re working with, commercial waste companies typically start with a waste assessment which eventually leads to a more in-depth waste audit. Once the commercial waste company is familiar with your waste stream, they can help streamline the disposal process, optimize logistics and minimize the environmental impact. 

Innovative Technology

Did you know that commercial garbage pickup now leverages technology to optimize service? At ZTERS, we offer dumpster compology systems to monitor your waste output and determine the most efficient pickup schedule. These so-called smart waste technologies are revolutionizing the ways that commercial waste companies deal with your trash.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainability is a big priority for good commercial waste companies. Over the years, ZTERS has honed its recycling and environmentally friendly waste disposal options, minimizing landfill usage and promoting a circular economy.

Cost Savings

In the long-run, strategic waste management solutions can save you a lot of money. A commercial waste company can help businesses reduce costs associated with waste disposal by efficiently handling waste and minimizing unnecessary spending.

Why Choose ZTERS Commercial Waste Services

We’ve helped businesses nationwide streamline their commercial waste and business dumpster service. Whether you manage one location or 100, our dedicated team develops a custom solution to meet your sustainability goals and budget.

Our Process

Working with ZTERS is easy. Rather than juggling multiple commercial trash contacts and invoices across different locations, you’ll have one account manager to right-size your waste service for one or 100 locations. Here’s how to get started:

Give us a call at 866-789-4209. We’ll analyze your waste stream and service frequency. In addition, we’ll also take a look at your current contract and evaluate what is (and isn’t) working. We’ll examine your business dumpster service and figure out whether a compactor will help improve your waste goals.

Review your custom plan. Your dedicated account manager will create an optimized waste plan that includes the latest waste technologies and a sustainability analysis for each of your locations. Your plan will have one custom invoice no matter how many locations you manage.

Get proactive service. We install dumpster monitoring technology and proactively monitor your waste for right sizing, service verifications, contamination warnings, and diversion.

Review your service monthly or quarterly. We provide custom reporting on a schedule that works for you, so you can meet your waste and sustainability goals.

Commercial Waste Products Offered at ZTERS

We offer a suite of business waste equipment that helps optimize your waste stream. Give us a call so that we can better understand your needs and recommend the right solution. Some of our products include:

  • 96 Gallon Toter
  • 1 Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 2 Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 3 Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 4 Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 6 Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 8 Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 10 Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • Self Contained Compactor
  • Auger Compactor 

A Commercial Waste Solution You Can Count On

At ZTERS, we offer waste solutions for commercial buildings across the nation. Our dedicated account managers make sure you have exactly what you need to meet your commercial waste needs. After all, your business garbage collection should meet your expectations. Reliable service, transparent pricing, and no hidden fees. Contact us today for a free quote.

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