ZTERS Commercial Waste Service in Miami

The right commercial waste service in Miami can be the key to more efficient operations. For years, ZTERS has worked with a diverse range of businesses to meet their facility’s sustainability goals.

We’ve optimized our workflow to guarantee that commercial waste disposal in Miami is a hassle-free process. Your customers depend on you for quality and reliability, so why shouldn’t you depend on us for the same?

Updated: Apr 12, 2024


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Why Choose ZTERS for Commercial Waste Service in Miami?

There may be a number of commercial waste companies in Miami, but ZTERS is truly committed to going above and beyond. That’s why our customers choose us.

Streamlined Process

ZTERS makes commercial waste services in Miami simple from start to finish. Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

  • Perform a waste audit to evaluate your current output
  • Create a custom waste management solution tailored to your needs and sustainability goals
  • Regularly monitor your site throughout your contract
  • Provide custom reporting based on your preferences

No two facilities have the same waste disposal needs. At every point in the process, we can customize a solution that works for you. We designed our commercial waste services in Miami to be dynamic, adapting to your shifting needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that reliable and efficient waste management services are essential for businesses to thrive. That's why we strive to provide a seamless experience that not only meets but exceeds our customers' expectations.

From the moment you engage with us, our team is committed to understanding your business waste disposal needs and tailoring our commercial waste services in Miami accordingly. We prioritize clear communication, timely pickups, and environmentally responsible disposal practices.


Just as we support you in achieving your sustainability goals, ZTERS aims to constantly grow our environmentally friendly efforts. We work to minimize our carbon footprint by recycling materials and identifying opportunities for improvement. Our Miami commercial waste professionals can craft a sustainability program for your facility that puts you on the right track.

How Much Does Commercial Waste Service in Miami Cost?

The cost of commercial waste removal in Miami varies depending on the frequency of service, the volume of your business waste output, and numerous other factors. For more precise pricing based on your operations, call us at 877-893-7743.

OUR MOST POPULAR commercial waste services

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Dimensions: L:2.9' W:2.2' H:3.6'

A 96-gallon cart, alsoknown as a toter or an organic waste cart, is typically used for a small busin...

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Dimensions: L:6' W:4.3' H:4.7'

Use 4-yard front-load dumpsters for small apartment buildings with 6-10 units, smaller restaurants,...

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Dimensions: L:6' W:5.5' H:5.9'

Larger restaurants, retail stores, and multifamily housing units are usually best served by 6-yard f...

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Dimensions: L:6' W:2.8' H:3.8'

Heavy-duty front-load dumpsters are built to withstand the wear and tear of commercial garbage colle...

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Dimensions: L:6' W:6' H:21'

An 8-yard front-load container holds up to 1,600 pounds of trash in an eight cubic foot capacity uni...

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OTHER commercial waste services PRODUCTS

Dimensions: Varies

Keep waste odors contained and keep rodents and insects out with self-contained compactors. These un...

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Dimensions: L:6' W:6' H:7.6'

For warehouse and industrial spaces, a 10-yard front-load container provides enough space to hold th...

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Dimensions: L:6' W:64' H:2.7'

Tight outdoor spaces and businesses with small waste volumes benefit from 1-yard front-load containe...

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Dimensions: Varies

Auger compactors are heavy-duty machines designed to shred and compact large volumes of waste in a s...

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Dimensions: L:6' W:3.6' H:4'

A 3-yard front-load dumpster is large enough for businesses that generate small to moderate amounts...

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Local Waste Disposal Facilities
North Dade Landfill
South Dade Landfill
West Little River TRC
Broward County Landfill
Monarch Hill Landfill
Dade County Solid Waste Transfer

This is not a comprehensive list of waste facilities in Miami and is for informational purposes only. ZTERS may not dispose at these locations.