Even without a pandemic, medical waste is a unique problem to manage. You can’t afford to deal with missed pickups, overflowing garbage, and haulers who won’t respond when there’s a problem. You need reliable service, and you need to know your medical waste is handled and disposed of in a responsible way.

We help hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and other medical-related facilities responsibly handle their garbage service. From damaged enclosures to poor response times, we solve the secommon waste problems:

  • Missed pickups and overflowing medical waste.
  • Haulers who damage lids and enclosures but don’t take responsibility.
  • Unresponsive haulers and rude customer service.
  • Containers that are placed in the wrong location after service.
  • Unexpected charges for overages and contamination.
  • Enclosures that are left open and create a privacy problem.

We use camera technology to help make sure your waste isn’t improperly accessed, and to help you avoid contamination fees.

When you need a reliable waste partner, give us a call. We’ll put together a custom garbage service plan for each of your locations. Get nationwide service, no matter how many locations you manage, with one phone call and one dedicated account manager to answer all your questions.