Questions? Wondering how to rent a dumpster, portable toilet, temporary fencing, or storage containers? ZTERS is committed to providing the best in proper waste disposal, storage, and fencing solutions. To help you make the best decision possible, here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

General FAQ’s

Are rush deliveries guaranteed?

A rush delivery is a request for delivery made any time after 12:00pm noon for the following business day, or for a same business day delivery. Zters works hard to offer rush deliveries whenever possible and to ensure that rush deliveries are met. When a rush delivery is not possible, you will be notified prior to setup and delivery. Under circumstances when rush delivery is not met, we will refund any charges placed on the order for the rush delivery.

What locations do you service?

ZTERS provides companies and individuals across the nation with a fair and reliable solution for their waste and construction needs. Please see our locations and service areas page for a full list of available locations.

How can I cancel an order and/or get a refund?

We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns. Please contact us at 877-893-7743 with your order information.

Dumpster FAQ’s

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

The cost of your dumpster will depend on your needs. Please call us at 877-893-7743 to talk to one of our customer service representatives about rates.

How many tons am I able to put in my dumpster?

Please review your purchase for the amount of tons included in the rental of your specific dumpster.

If I need a dumpster for my place of business, how do I know what size to get?

The dumpster you’ll need will depend on how many 33 gallon bags of garbage you’ll be disposing of. Please see our guide below to determine the best fit:

  • 2 yard container = 12-15 bags (33 gallons/bag)
  • 4 yard container = 24-27 bags (33 gallons/bag)
  • 6 yard container = 36-39 bags (33 gallons/bag)
  • 8 yard container = 48-51 bags (33 gallons/bag)

When is the soonest that I can have my dumpster delivered?

A dumpster can be delivered as soon as the next day if it is ordered before noon in the applicable time zone from Monday through Friday. Please note that a rush fee may be applicable for all next day orders called in after 12:00pm noon and/or for Saturday deliveries. If a dumpster is needed any sooner, call us at 877-893-7743 and we will do our best to have the container delivered when you need it. However, please be aware that delivery times are not guaranteed. If a dumpster is needed in the morning, we strongly recommend scheduling the delivery for the day before you plan to use it.

Can I put the dumpster on the street?

Whether or not you can put your dumpster on the street varies depending on area and the laws of your local municipalities. Check with your local municipality to find out whether a license is required in your area.

How much room should I allow for the dumpster placement?

A good rule of thumb for determining the room you need for the dumpster placement is to take the width and height of the dumpster size and double it. That way, you’ll have plenty of space not only for the container, but also for loading and unloading with ease.

Will I be billed for weight beyond what is included in the price?

Yes, additional costs are applied for any amount of weight over what is included in the initial price for the dumpster. Call us at 877-893-7743 for more information on our pricing.

What materials are not allowed in dumpsters?

You are not permitted to fill the dumpster with materials that exceed the top of the container. Additionally, common materials that aren’t allowed in dumpsters include (but are not limited) to: hazardous waste, dirt, barrels, all liquids, antifreeze, dead animals, asbestos, medical waste, railroad ties, industrial waste, paint (except for dried latex paint cans with no lids), flammable liquids, solvents, radioactive material, pesticides and herbicides, chemical products, fluorescent tubes, microwaves, aerosol cans, propane tanks, oil (transmission, lubricating, motor, hydraulic, or contaminated oils mixed with solvents such as gasoline, etc.), oil filters, antifreeze, appliances, petroleum contaminated soil, lead paint chips, televisions, monitors, computers, batteries, and tires.

Tips for container loading and removal:

  • Commercial/Front End Lift: When loading your container, please ensure that your container lid can fully close. If your trash is unable to fit in the container with the lid fully closed, the driver will be unable to service your container. If you foresee needing an additional pick up, please give us a call.
  • Roll-Off Dumpster: When loading your container, please ensure that trash and debris fit within the container and are not sticking out. If your trash is unable to fit in the dumpster and the driver is unable to remove it, a dry run fee will be applicable. If you foresee needing an additional pick up, please give us a call.
  • Odor Tips: Eliminating odor from your container is difficult, but the following tips will help you reduce the odor. Tightly bag your trash before placing it in your container as this will help to reduce garbage spillage and reduce any bacteria build up. Consistent cleaning of your container area and/or enclosure will help to keep odor reduced, provide easy access for you and your driver, and minimize insects.
  • Bulky Item Tips: If you have bulky items to dispose of such as home furniture, office furniture, and/or exercise equipment please contact us to schedule disposal of these items. These items are typically taller than the container and stick out over the top therefore needing a special container and/or separate scheduling for the removal of these items.
  • Servicing Tips: Your waste company’s priority is the safety of all. To that end, we offer the following service area tips: 1) Maintain clear and safe access to your container, 2) Place your container in an open and/or well-lit area, and 3) Ensure that the overhead clearance is a minimum of 14 feet in height.
  • Avoiding Missed Pick Ups: Please help us to ensure your waste company has clear access to your container. Vehicles should not be parked in front of or alongside your container. If you are located in areas that have snow, please make sure the area is cleared on service day(s). Also, if your container is inside an enclosure, please make sure the gates are unlocked on your service day(s).

Portable Toilet FAQ’s

How much does a porta potty cost?

The cost of a porta potty rental will depend on your needs. Please call us at 877-893-7743 to talk to one of our customer service representatives about rates.

Can I rent a porta potty for just one day?

Yes! Just call us at 877-893-7743 to set up your service in advance. For large events, or during peak times in the year, it is best to schedule your order with at least a week or more in lead time.

How many porta potties should I rent?

A good rule of thumb for a day-long event is to provide at least 2 restrooms at a basic level, 3 restrooms for 100 guests, 4 restrooms for parties of 150-250 or more, and 5 or more for events that exceed 500 guests.

When can I have the porta potty delivered?

ZTERS delivers portable toilets for weekend events on Fridays and picks them back up on Monday. Construction site porta potties may be delivered at any time with advanced notice.

How often is the portable toilet serviced?

Portable toilets for weekend events are serviced when they are picked up on Monday. Portable toilet rentals for construction sites or longer-term periods are serviced weekly and billed on a monthly basis. In general, 1 toilet serviced weekly is needed for every 8-10 workers working a normal 40 hour work week. Need more services for your job site? Give us a call to discuss all the options and availability!

What steps do you take to ensure that the porta potty is clean and free of odors and germs?

ZTERS takes every measure to sanitize the holding tank and the inner bowl of the unit, including pumping out, washing and deodorizing the toilet.

Am I required to have a portable toilet on my job site?

Most city ordinances specify the requirements of porta potties on construction sites and inspectors usually require it. We strongly encourage you to get more information by contacting the officials in the particular municipality where your construction is occurring.

What happens if the portable toilet is tipped over or otherwise damaged?

Contact us immediately if any damage occurs and we will dispatch our team to fix or replace the unit.

Storage Container FAQ’s

How much does a storage container cost?

The cost of a storage container will depend on your needs. Please call us at 877-893-7743 to talk to one of our customer service representatives about rates.

When can I have my storage container delivered?

ZTERS delivers storage containers at any time with advanced notice. We recommend that you reserve your unit at least a week or more in advance by calling us at 877-893-7743.

Are there any weight limitations for temporary storage containers?

No, there are no weight limitations for storage containers as they are dropped off empty and returned empty.

Can the container be delivered if I am not there to receive it?

Absolutely, this is one of the benefits of using a temporary storage container. Many customers love the flexibility that these units provide. We just ask that you provide us with specific instructions for delivery so that ZTERS can ensure that is correctly placed.