Temporary Fence Rental in Mesa by ZTERS

ZTERS temporary fencing in Mesa is ideal for securing a construction site, directing event attendees, or creating a perimeter around any area. With diverse fencing options, our Mesa fence rentals are well-suited for any project. Our team of experienced specialists streamline the portable fence rental process so you get exactly what you need when you need it.

We’ve fulfilled over 12,345 temporary fence rentals nationwide and go above and beyond to fulfill orders in Mesa. We have a database of 76 fencing service providers, which allows us to extend our reach to numerous cities outside of Mesa.

ZTERS provides temporary fencing solutions in Mesa for:

  • Construction sites
  • Outdoor events
  • Exterior home renovation projects
  • Concerts/Festivals
  • Sporting events

ZTERS is committed to providing quick, affordable and seamless service to customers from a variety of industries. Our temporary fence rental in Mesa helps you maximize safety and security on your site without the stress.

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How much does it cost to rent temporary fencing in Mesa?

The average cost to rent a temporary fence in Mesa is $5.79 / linear foot. Delivery costs in Mesa depend on distance, type of fencing, and current fuel prices.

The cost of a temporary fence rental in Mesa varies and may be impacted by availability, type of fencing, rental length, and other factors. 96.92% of our sites are temporary chain-link fences, but we also offer plastic mesh fencing, barricades, and more. In addition, we can supply add-ons such as privacy and windscreens to meet your needs.


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Dimensions: Varies

Chain link temporary fencing is made of steel wire and is one of the most popular temporary fencing...

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Dimensions: Varies

Panel fencing is most commonly used for perimeter protection and crowd control. As the most in deman...

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Dimensions: L:7' H:3.5'

Barricade fencing helps with crowd control and creating staging areas at events. Barricade fencing p...

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Dimensions: Varies

Plastic safety fencing, also called orange fencing, is made of a durable mesh plastic that comes in...

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Dimensions: Varies

Brightly colored traffic control fencing is sturdier than plastic mesh safety fencing, but it serves...

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Local Temporary Fencing Providers in Mesa, AZ

Company Name Address Location
American Fence 3655 East Main Street Apache Junction, AZ
All Pro Fence Co 1055 South Center St Chandler, AZ

This is not a comprehensive list of fencing suppliers in Mesa and is for informational purposes only. ZTERS may not work with these companies.


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Palm Gardens Mobile Home Manor, AZ

Buckhorn, AZ

Palmas del Sol, AZ

Citrus Gardens, AZ

Park Place Travel Resort, AZ

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Royal Palm Village, AZ

Dreamland Villa, AZ

Summer Mesa, AZ

Fiesta Park, AZ

Summerplace Green, AZ

Fountain East, AZ

Sunny Acres Trailer Village, AZ

Fountain of the Sun, AZ

Suntrails, AZ

Golden West Estates, AZ

Suntree, AZ

Granite Reef Estates, AZ

Trail Riders Holiday Park, AZ

Greenfield Estates, AZ

Velda Rose Estates, AZ

Greenfield Park, AZ

Velda Rose Gardens, AZ

Hacienda de Valencia, AZ

Venture Out, AZ

Leisure World, AZ

Woodland Heights, AZ

Lemontree, AZ

Woodside, AZ