Commercial, or front-load, dumpsters come in several sizes to meet the needs of your specific project or facility.

How do you know what size dumpster will meet the needs of your building or site? We created a handy dumpster illustration to help you weigh your options and make an informed rental decision. Review the dumpster size illustrations below to help determine the right size for your needs. Not sure how big a yard is? We’ve listed an estimate of how many bags of garbage each size will hold. Illustrations are approximate as dumpster sizes vary. Please call an account manager to verify the size of dumpster for your specific project.

Since 2009, we’ve been helping people source front-load dumpsters for all sorts of projects and locations. If you’re a corporate facility manager or a property manager, we can also coordinate regularly scheduled pickups and dumpster enclosure power washing. Contact us to set up a front-load dumpster service package that works for you.

Great for small businesses, a 2-yard size dumpster holds around 12-15 33-gallon bags of trash. It’s a good size for small restaurants or businesses with up to 25 employees.

The 4-yard size dumpster works well for municipal solid waste for restaurants, office buildings and mid-sized businesses with up to 100 employees. It holds 24-27 33-gallon bags of trash.

A 6-yard can handle all types of trash and debris for strip malls, retail locations, restaurants and mid-sized to large businesses with up to 250 employees. Holds up to 39 33-gallon bags of garbage.

The 8-yard dumpster is a popular choice for large retailers, medical facilities, apartment complexes, condos, malls, and high-volume businesses with up to 500 employees or residents. This large size holds up to 51 33-gallon bags of trash.

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