Construction Portable Toilet

W:3.7' H:7.3' D:4'

Containment Tray, Hand Sanitizer, Rigging Cages, Hasp, Light, Disposable Seat Covers

Common Usage
Construction site when facilities are unavailable or inconvenient. Simple and economical.

About Construction Portable Toilet

Also known as construction porta potty, constructon porta john

Standard portable toilets are typically 4-foot by 4-foot by 8-foot tall. Exact size may vary by location and style. At a minimum, standard porta potties include a chemical toilet and toilet paper. Ventilation and locking features are standard. Interior features may also include seat covers, mirrors, a urinal, or running water (if hookup is available).

* Why is there a price range?

The pricing above represents actual data from our completed rentals, which can fluctuate based on region, inventory availability, seasonality, and other variables. Please call 877-893-7743 for exact costs.

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