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Looking to rent a storage container to store your tools, machinery, or materials near your home or commercial space? ZTERS has the perfect solution to keeping your materials organized. Order a storage container directly to your job site or business, and easily and safely store your belongings. Storage containers are a cost-effective alternative to additional rental space or inconvenient self-storage units. The portability and security of our steel storage containers makes them ideal for construction projects.

We offer nationwide service, which means we can help you rent a storage container from a city near you that is the right size for the job. When you no longer need the unit, contact us and we will pick it up. It’s that simple.


(877) 893-7743

Call us for a free consultation or quote.


Call (877) 893-7743

for a free consultation or quote.

3 Tips For Renting a Storage Container

  • 1

    Loading Your Container

    To maximize the space inside your container rental, try to efficiently pack materials. This will leave space to safely store as much as possible. Heavy items should be placed at the bottom with lighter materials on top to avoid damaging anything. If you’ll be closing and locking the unit, keep a list of everything you packed so you’re aware of what you stored. You are responsible for damages incurred by improper storage or leakage, so take precautions.

  • 2

    Protecting Your Items

    If this is a house renovation project, clean and dry everything you plan on storing. Tightly bagging or packing your belongings into boxes can help shield them from dust, mold, and even prevent them from smelling if they’ll be stored for weeks or months. Cover your wooden items in blankets to protect them. Construction materials should be secured in a locked container, and make sure tools are properly cleaned and stored safely to avoid injury when packing or unpacking the unit.

    Regardless of what you’re storing, make routine checks to make sure your items are properly secured and that no water leakage or seeping has occurred, especially after a storm. Insects and spiders like to nest in dark, low-traffic areas, so make periodic checks to help keep pests away.

  • 3

    Container Safety

    Improve the security of your storage container with the following recommendations:

    1. Ensure the unit is properly locked and secured when not in use.
    2. Maintain clear and safe access to your container.
    3. Place your container in an open and well-lit area.
    4. Adhere to guidelines on what can and cannot be stored in the units.


Call (877) 893-7743

for a free consultation or quote.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for storage containers.

Storage containers come in a variety of size options. The standard sizes are 10 foot, 20 foot, and 30 foot containers, which is a measurement of their length and is typically how they are classified in conversation. Standard storage containers are often shipping containers that have been converted to accomodate storage, with locking mechanisms and shelving if needed. Below are the standard dimensions of these 3 sizes of containers:

Friendly Name Length Width (Door Opening) Height (Door Opening)
10 Footer 10′ 8′ 8.5′
20 Footer 20′ 8′ 8.5′
40 Footer 40′ 8′ 8.5′

ZTERS offers rental periods starting from 1 month to long-term leases of your choosing. We understand that our customers have short-term and long-term projects, so we provide customizable rental lengths.

Any place that’s safe and has clear access will generally work to house your container. We can drop it off in a driveway, on a jobsite, or on the street. Remember to check permitting regulations if your storage container is placed on a public road or may block traffic. You’ll need to make note of where the opening will need to be placed and communicate that before the container is loaded on the truck for delivery. For example, if the doors need to face a certain direction it may need to be loaded on the truck backward when it’s picked up to accommodate door placement.

You can store almost anything, from standard household items to furniture to construction equipment. Examples of household items include dishes, mirrors, clothing, tables, and mattresses during home renovations. If you’re storing power equipment that uses kerosene or gas, drain the liquids before storing them. Materials and tools can be safely locked inside storage containers on construction sites.

Please do not store motorized vehicles, illegal items, perishable goods, gases, ammunition, explosives, flammable goods, or toxic chemicals inside of the container. This is not a comprehensive list so feel free to get in touch with your account manager for further examples. We also recommend that you do not store currency, irreplaceable items, and other valuables.

After a rental agreement is made, deliveries typically take between two to four business days. Orders are first-come, first-serve, and can book up in advance. For the best service, call as soon as you know you’ll need a storage container, even if it’s a few weeks out. We’ll help you schedule the right container for your project and make sure it arrives on time. Rush deliveries are sometimes available, but be aware of potential rush delivery fees.

You do not have to be present for delivery. Coordinate with your account manager to make the process as simple as possible.


Call (877) 893-7743

for a free consultation or quote.

What our customers are saying

  • Christine I. VERIFIED

    20 ft Storage 93065


    Driver was amazing.

  • Cindy T. VERIFIED

    20 ft Storage 93063


    I am 100% happy with both the cs services and the condition of the container. I will definitely be telling all my friends and family about zters. Your whole team is awesome!

  • Lisa S. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 22567


    Driver was fantastic. I asked him to put the dumpster near the deck so that i could throw the material from there and he did a great job!!!! Thank you

  • Donna R. VERIFIED

    16 ft Storage 95065


    It was seamless

  • Shirley H. VERIFIED

    20 ft Storage;40 ft Storage 27983


    We had agreed that i would get a call when the truck left winterville but it didn’t happen tommy the driver was exceptional!!

  • Dhara P. VERIFIED

    20 ft Storage;40 ft Storage 65804


    Great service i like great price

  • Robert S. VERIFIED

    40 ft Storage 28401


    Fast response time. Great pricing.

  • Meredith C. VERIFIED

    20 ft Storage 76528


    Service was excellent!!

  • Joeseph L. VERIFIED

    20 ft Storage 87109


    I'm not sure if these are water proof, but it appears that they leak.

  • Charlie G. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 85365


    Good job

  • Kathryn G. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 86301


    Very pleased and great delivery driver - did a great job in a tight space!

  • Rachel C. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 34986


    Angela is fantastic! Always available to help and answer all our questions and concerns.



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