Chad Farley




I am really good at injuring myself in my attempts to get kids to laugh.


This is a recent experience at ZTERS. We received a one star review. A customer needed a dumpster quickly. He had called around for a service provider and the soonest something could get done was the following week. When the customer called us we told him it was typically one to two days. He found that acceptable and placed the order. When we called our local service providers we got the same story our customer had received. They were backlogged and they were the only service provider allowed to service that area (they had the franchise contract with the city). The customer was instantly mad, because we were unable to meet his needs. Because we had stated it was typically one to two days, he had never conveyed the urgency. Once we understood the urgency, we called the city and got permission to bring in another vendor. The city gave permission and we started seeking out other vendors to complete the work. Simultaneously we were working with the franchised vendor to see what they could do. Ultimately we got a dumpster out sooner than the customer was able to do on their own and we turned that one star review into a five star review. To me the experience showed that experience and relationships are important and that good customer service doesn't mean you get it right from the start 100% of the time, but that when things go wrong you step up to the plate and get to work. I would have preferred we had asked the right questions to understand the customer's needs upfront, but we did everything required to make it right. Our team was awesome and we used it as a coaching experience for everyone involved to help prevent it from happening in the future.