Red clock with hard hat in foreground. Behind it is yellow and black caution tape in front of a faded construction landscape.

How to Improve Time Management in Construction

As any construction professional knows, time means everything when working on a project. From tight deadlines to limited working hours to mandatory construction worker breaks, it’s essential to maintain solid time management in construction.

That can be easier said than done, however. In our decades working with the construction industry, we’ve helped streamline projects by providing efficient, reliable temporary site services. But there’s much more to construction productivity than that. 

Here are some tried and true methods for improving time management in construction.

Technology Is Your Friend

Companies across sectors rely on project management platforms to facilitate their workflow. Construction is no different! There are numerous tools that can centralize project details and make them easier to access. Construction companies can utilize these softwares to track progress, collaborate, and better communicate.

Pen and paper only gets you so far. While it may seem like a big investment, using technology can make a major difference in construction time management and projectivity.

Develop a List of Priorities

Construction managers have a lot on their plate and these responsibilities can compete for attention. It can be hard to identify what duties are most important to keep things running smoothly.

One way to determine top priorities is by sorting your task list by high importance to low importance. This can also reduce distractions and minimize the time you spend on less impactful tasks.

You know best what needs to get done in order to meet goals and deadlines. Sometimes, it comes down to trial and error. If you’ve encountered roadblocks in the past, make sure you bump those responsibilities up on your priority list so you can avoid hiccups during future projects.

Strategically Delegate Tasks  

Not everyone on your team may excel at the same tasks and that’s actually a strength. By assigning tasks to different workers based on their skills, you’ll experience a more seamless workflow and less errors that can set your project back.

Think of it like a relay race. Many teams place their second-fastest runners first and save their sprinters for last. Of course, construction should never be hurried; but it’s worth considering who is most effective at what tasks so that “handing off the baton” is successful and everything comes together with a win.

Have Brief, Actionable Meetings

Even the best of us get caught up rambling and sitting in unnecessarily long meetings. For better construction time management, make sure that your meetings are straight to the point and serve a purpose. There should be clear action items and/or clarifications that come out of every work meeting.

Conducting strategic meetings could mean less confusion throughout the project, which will save you a lot of time. It’s important to be clear, concise, and open to relevant questions.

Ask for Help

When construction managers get caught up in the tasks at hand, they may miss things or get overwhelmed. This is where ZTERS can help. As a temporary site services company, we make it easy to secure affordable dumpster rentals, portable toilet rentals, temporary fencing rentals and more. These products are crucial to running a project and some are typically mandatory according to OSHA construction guidelines.

The right company will streamline your project, not disrupt it. Thinking ahead and reaching out to order the products you need on your jobsite can really enhance time management in construction.