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We Rent Temporary Fencing Nationwide

When you need to block off areas of your construction site or special event, temporary fences are the answer. There are as numerous types of temporary fencing as there are uses for it. ZTERS has years of experience handling a variety of temporary fence rentals. From worksites to events, let us help you find the right type of fencing for your personal and professional projects.

Reach out to one of our account managers and join the many satisfied customers that have chosen ZTERS for their temporary fencing needs. We have fulfilled 7,043 to date, and can bundle all your construction site or event rentals in one streamlined invoice.


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Temporary Fence Rental

Call (877) 893-7743

for a free consultation or quote.


Secure Your Construction Site

Securing your construction site for is integral to getting the job done, giving you the peace of mind to focus on the task at hand. A temporary construction fence installed and delivered by ZTERS provides a sturdy yet non-permanent solution to safeguard your work zone from the public, pedestrians, and outside vehicles.

Ready to begin a heavy renovation or demolition? Before you start, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to consider what type of construction fence is right for you. Construction fencing comes in many varieties – ranging from in-ground chain link fences ideal for providing maximum security to portable panel fences or a construction fence screen for lighter work.


Create Well Defined, Memorable Events

At ZTERS, we offer a variety of styles of crowd and perimeter control fencing suitable for any venue, facility, and event; large or small. Our temporary fences are perfect for: music festivals, carnivals, trade shows, parades, races, outdoor bars, VIP sections, and so much more.

Barricade fences are barriers made of high-quality steel, plastic, or vinyl that are designed for effective crowd or perimeter control. They come in expandable sections that can be easily collapsed or relocated if the event plans change, and have the finished and durable look of a real fence. As a result, they are also ideal for use as temporary bicycle racks. ZTERS’ temporary fencing stock is full of endlessly versatile products that can be customized to any need.

Take advantage of our expert team and join the many satisfied customers that have chosen ZTERS for their temporary fencing needs.

Temporary Fence Rental

Call (877) 893-7743

for a free consultation or quote.

3 Tips For Renting a Temporary Fence

  • 1

    Choose the right temporary fence for the job

    Figure out what factors are most important to you when it comes to picking a temporary fencing solution for your event or project. Barricade fencing (also known as “bike” barricades), panel fencing, & orange safety fencing all have their unique advantage and specific use cases. For more information on the specific types of fencing ZTERS offers, check out our useful guide.

  • 2

    Accurately measure the fencing area

    When measuring, calculate the measurement at least twice and have a colleague verify when you’re finished, so you know the number is accurate. It may help to request slightly more than what you measured for the perimeter of your location. That way, you can account for any odd angles or have extra fences for things you did not foresee when you first made the order. For additional help on this subject, see our temporary fencing calculator

  • 3

    Research permits and regulations

    Look into your city or county regulations on temporary fences, as well as regulations on privacy and windscreens, so you can ensure you are following local guidelines. Regulations vary significantly from location to location, so doing your research in advance will prevent costly project delays. There are a variety of resources available to help you better understand what you need to look for, such as guide for construction regulations created by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Or, give us a call! We’ve been helping contractors and builders secure their sites with temporary fencing for over a decade. We can help you get the right solution.

Temporary Fence Rental

Call (877) 893-7743

for a free consultation or quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions our ZTERS account managers get about temporary fence rentals.

Since pricing for temporary fence rentals is very connected to the amount of fence rented (in feet), it is very important to have an accurate understanding of how much your project will require. If your project requires us to fence off a small standard shape (square or rectangle) you can sometimes do this measurement yourself. However, if you require a larger measurement or your fence will cover a partial or odd-shaped area, we recommend you take a more accurate measurement. You can use a contractor’s measuring wheel or a rope & wire measure.

Before you go investing in these tools, however, ZTERS has also created an incredibly accurate temporary fencing calculator that will allow you to get these measurements free of charge.

Calculate Temporary Fencing Quantity

Temporary fencing helps to control traffic, deter theft, create safety zones on construction sites, restrict access, and more. It helps you protect job sites, people, and the things that matter. Whether it is used for personal or professional needs, ZTER’S customers have used temporary fencing for a wide variety of projects and events, large and small.

Our fences are typically made of high-quality steel, depending on the type of fence. You can also use plastic orange safety fencing in some circumstances. The fences come in free-standing panels of different sizes or expandable sections that can easily be collapsed and moved if plans change.

Temporary fencing versatile and can be customized to nearly any need. The primary options are:

  • Panel fencing: These are made of steel and offer all the benefits of a typical chain-linked fence but without the hassle of permanent installation. They are regularly used for blocking off construction sites.
  • “Bike” barricades: This type of fencing is made of galvanized steel, making it effective against large, rowdy crowds. It’s often called bicycle or bike barricades because it resembles bike racks. Compared to panel fencing, these barricades are lighter and shorter, meaning they are more maneuverable. Concerts and races are common places to use them.
  • Orange fencing: With its bright orange color, this plastic option is perfect for warning people to steer clear of the area, whether it’s because you are using dangerous or heavy duty equipment on site. The material is also lighter than panel fence, so you can easily move it around to suit your needs.

For more information on the types of fencing you can rent, check out our article on what to know about the types of temporary fence rentals.

Some municipalities require that fencing vendors install fencing themselves at each location. If that’s not the case in your area, we can still schedule installation for you. Once the fencing has been delivered and set up on your jobsite, you can move panels or orange fencing yourself as needed. Some types of installation include:

  • Post Driven Installation: This fencing is installed directly into the ground with fence posts typically sunk in concrete. This would work well for long-term projects where fencing needs to be semi-permanent, but is not typically used on construction sites.
  • Panel Installation: Fencing panels are weighted and hook together, creating a less permanent but still reliable fencing system. You may need to order sandbags or concrete weights to keep the fencing securely in place, especially in high winds. Panels can be moved, and you can add vehicle and personnel gate installation for easy access.

Yes, you can add these to your rental! Any temporary fencing rental can include privacy and wind screens. These additions keep potential thieves from surveying your site, minimize wind disturbances, and curb distractions while on the job. They also discourage unauthorized people from viewing or entering the worksite.

Temporary Fence Rental

Call (877) 893-7743

for a free consultation or quote.

What our customers are saying

  • Mike L. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 75093


    Jaimie monti was a real pleasure to work with, quite an asset to your company.

  • Laura H. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 34135


    Very friendly, very professional customer service/sales


    Multi Project 49503


    Did a good job, very happy.


    Chain Link Fencing 94580


    Job well done and very professional.

  • Kathy S. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 93612


    Enjoy working with people who do what they say in a timely manner.

  • Nathan N. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 98077


    Nick did the field work at the woodinville site and he was great. Nick was prompt, kept me up-dated, was kind and considerate of the elderly property owner. After the work was completed, nick confirmed with me. From start to finish it was a great job and excellent service.

  • John E. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 93291


    The gentleman who installed the fence were very professional & polite.

  • Garry C. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 92934


    Great service , professional and extremely easy to work with. will definitely use again.

  • Brian P. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 89119


    Your installer was fantastic, helpful and efficient.

  • Shawn M. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 92590


    We would use your company again, and would certainly recommend your services to our colleagues.

  • John F. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 35802


    Tabitha did a great job in expediting our request. Even sent me a google map image of exactly where the fence would be going. Your delivery guy eric also called & let me know he was there & when he got it set. Very helpful


    Chain Link Fencing 45324


    Tyrone and the guys who delivered and set up the fence were great. They were professional and quick with the set-up. Thanks again. Jon m

  • Shawn M. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 92590


    Great and efficient crew.

  • Charlie G. VERIFIED

    Multi Project 85365


    Good job

  • Josh J. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 75252


    Delivery and pick up times could have been more clearly communicated.

  • Brent K. VERIFIED

    Chain Link Fencing 92262


    Appreciated the timeliness and how your crew worked around our crew. Very dependable service! We will use you again



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